latest news

summer break is over - we are back!
start on monday 4. september

summer break in july and august.
we are back in september.
for you all a nice summer!

happy new year!
we are back.

december 2016
we have a short winter break. happy holiday for you all!
we start again on monday 9. january.

september 2016
we start again on monday, 5. september.

july 2016
summer break!
nice and sunny summer for all!
we are back in september.

happy new year!
we start again on monday 4.january.

short winter break.
have nice holidays!

september 2015
we are back!
the drawing sessions starts on tuesday the 1.september.

july 2015
we have summer break! we we'll back in september.
have a nice summer!

march 2015
as you may have already noticed - there is exhibition at danziger 50 with lifedrawings from members of our classes ... hope you enjoy it! march 12th to april 20th.



january 2015
we are back now - best wishes for the new for all!

after the summer break we're back now:
the drawings class starts on monday, 1. september.

1. July 2014
summer break!
have a nice time - we're back in september.

1. January 2014
Happy new year to everyone!
we start on 6. january

we have a little winterbreak
the drawingsessions starts on 6.january 2014

31. august 2013
lifedrawing starts on 2. september 2013

in August summerbreak - no classes -
September restart of our regular program with 3 evenings the week.

December 2012
we have a little winterbreak
the drawingsessions starts on 7.january 2013

30. August 2012
aktsalon is coming zurück!
we start next week.

27. June 2012
attention please! summerbreak in july and august! lifedrawing starts again in september.

1. January 2012
Happy new year to everyone! We start on the 2. January 2012.

December 2011
Please note: our last lifedrawing in this year on Monday, the 19th December!

1. September 2011
dear friends of the lifedrawingclass -- summerbreak is over!
next monday, 5th september, first lifedrawing evening after the break with Bori as our model!

19. June 2011
attention please! summerbreak in july and august! lifedrawing starts again in september.

3. January 2011
Happy new year for all our participants!
We are beginning our third year at the Danziger 50 - with our three evenings per week and many interesting models.

9. September 2010
SUMMERBREAK is over! Lifedrawing starts again - today!!

20. Dezember 2009
We are having a winter/christmas break -- a good time for everybody !!
next drawing and first drawing on the 4.January 2010!!

19. September 2009
We have already passed three weeks of lifedrawing after our August-summerbreak -
and are looking forward to our next evening on the next monday, 21th of September, which will be also the evening for our 2.One-Evening-Show with works by Bori Szente !

Next week we are organising the last three evenings before the summerbreak -- first lifedrawing-evening after the break on tuesday the 1.September 2009 !

Lately we had our first one-evening-show with drawings from Karin Schoenberger, a little documentation of the show you can find here

Happy New Year and a good productive drawing year for everybody!

Our summerbreak is nearly over --
we hope that you had a nice august !
from next week on there is lifedrawing as much as you want it --
with three great models next week ... Marie-juana, Julia, and the lovely (female) Oscar --

On the afternoon of the 7th of June, Kulturzentrum Danziger 50 is organizing an opened Summerparty, and we are planning to join the afternoon-party with a small exhibition in our room in the loft of the house.
So if you like to contribute something for this afternoonpresentation, which would be nice, please bring something in the next week.
We are looking forward for your drawings.

Achtung !!!
This is no April Fools joke !!
from next week on aktsalon lifedrawing in prenzlauer berg
first date at the new space : 7.04.2008 at 20.00h.

in the loft of the Kulturhaus in Danziger Straße 50, 10435 Berlin.
(easy to reach with U2, M2 und M10)

Our drawing room is in the loft situated,
so please use the ring "Dachgeschoß" for entering the house and then just move straight upstairs.

We are looking forward meeting you there !

Our Models in the next week: at the 7.4. 2008( Monday) Emilie, on Tuesday Lisa and on Wednesday Eva.

Important news : we are moving away from the jannowitzbrücke !!
for organisatorical reasons will be a short break - and then we are looking forward seeing you again at the new space at the danzigerstr. 50 !!
planned first event in the new room: 7th April 2008, 20h.

Reminder - From next week on our tuesday 2-poses-event starts also at 20.00h !

We would like to invite you for a summerparty at our place on saturday, the 28.July, starting at 16.00h with two hours of lifedrawing, with Judith and José as our models !
Afterwards we would like to share with you a bufett and some drinks.

Cost for the models 5 Euro, Bufett and drinks are free.
Feel free to bring some food/drinks to make it even richer.

Happy Easter for Everybody!!

Because of Easter Monday no drawing next Monday.

Next week we start the announced new drawing and painting session every tuesday from 19.00 to 21.30.
Two one hour poses, first part nude, second with clothes. Allows a far more detailed working.

On next friday, the 9th of february, is taking place a new kind of drawing session, called "figure-stilllife" ( tableaux vivante)
that means there are only two poses, each pose about one hour long !
You can use this setting to work on one much more detailed drawing/picture showing not just the figure, but also the surrounding situation. Also we would like to contrast nude to not-nude, the first long pose the model poses nude, the second full clothed. Like the two versions of Goyas "Maja".
Model will be Aurelie.
Start of the evening is at 18.00h, end about 20.30h.
We appreciate Your interest ond Your coming.
costs for the model 5 euro

There are no drawing evenings from the 25.12 to the first of january 07.
The next drawing-session is on wednesday the 3.1.07.
We are looking forward seeing you again.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody !

On saturday, the 9.december, we would like to invite you for two hours of lifedrawing,
starting at 14.h in the afternoon, with two of our models !
Afterwards we would like to share with you a bufett and some drinks.

Cost for the models 5 Euro, Bufett and drinks are free.
It would be nice to bring some food to make it even richer.